Level Up Your Healthcare System

With A Sustainable Self-Care Initiative

Level Up Your Healthcare System With A Sustainable Self-Care Initiative

Welcome to SOHL’s healthcare system-wide initiative to increase sustainable self-care for leaders and organizations. In this training, attendees will analyze a sustainable self-care initiative (SSCI), investigate current SSCI within the system, evaluate the role of technology in SSCI, practice skills that will support self-care and build resilience, and much more.


Your team will come away with a clear understanding of SSCI, the role of leaders, an increased knowledge of research supporting evidence-based SSCI, an exploration of SSCI in relationship to the system’s mission, vision, beliefs, and culture, ideas for starting the initiative, and funding possibilities for SSCI, ROI, and much more.

Training Options

The SOHL team caters to your organizations needs and timelines. Available options include:

  • 1-hour presentation: Overview of modules 1-8. Attendees create a self-care assessment.
  • 2-hour training: All of the above plus attendees learn 2 group-wide self-care skill.
  • 4-hour training: All of the above plus attendees learn 4 group-wide self-care skills.
  • 8-hour training: All of the above plus attendees create a self-care assessment and engage in 6 group-wide self-care skills.
  • 2-day training (15 hours): All of the above plus attendees engage in 10 group-wide self-care skills.


“The self-care training was a unique experience and I found the 7 sources of health to be useful. I will use SOHL’s assessment often to guide and improve my self-care. My self-care scores improved from the beginning to the end of the training, in just a short time. My leadership team found the information informative and useful. They were appreciative of the time spent to learn about self-care including practicing some very useful tools”
Bernie Klein, MD, CEO, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.


“Spending the morning with Ruthann and her team, my staff learned important self-care strategies as well as evidence-based diet recommendations. Ruthann was engaging, efficient and effective at providing tools that we could immediately put in place to strengthen our 7 sources of health. If you are looking to improve your own health or that of your company, I highly suggest partnering with Ruthann and her team.”
Jeremy Ensey, CEO, St. Luke Medical Center, Marion, Kansas

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